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Friday, April 9th, 2010

Technology, spirituality and Michaelic community building

In prechristian times there was a technology devoted largely to getting human beings into contact with the spiritual world. This was the gift of Lucifer. Priests anticipated future technology as a counterbalance by cultivating the very Ahrimanic arts of measuring and controlling – see the temple records from ancient Egypt, which have an awful lot of detail about the levels of the Nile etc.

Nowadays we can’t depend on the priestly caste to provide the counterbalance. If the whole thrust of our technology is to involve us in the earth, the counterbalance is art (gift of Lucifer).  Now however there’s a quantum leap: CIT takes us into a realm ‘below nature’ as RS describes it. We experience this, or at least we experience that different laws obtain: think of the difference between a film and a play. The film takes us outside of the natural. The play creates an illusion, but it is governed by the laws of time and space. Because the film is a product of many hours of filming, refilming and editing, and what we see only provides the illusion of continuity in time and space, it has removed itself from the laws that govern our every day experience. This is not supposed to imply that films are ‘bad’ – anyway rarely a useful characterisation, but it is important to characterise how they work.

My Ludlow post was about the emergent intelligence behind all the machines, and the purpose we can experience. I quoted the rancher from Fast Food Nation as evidence that there is such an intelligence and that it / he has a purpose.  And here we might arrive at the hypothesis of a third power working through Ahriman, even if RS hadn’t already presented us with one; what starts to shimmer through a hundred thousand isolated phenomena goes beyond Ahriman’s own intention, of burying us in the material world, which we can see as a great contribution to our freedom.  We see an emergent system bent on control, suppression and destruction. And the counterforce to this not a bit more Lucifer or Ahriman, but what was cultivated between them and beyond them: Christ. Not Christ, the property of Christians, but Christ the power of true humanity blessed and raised by the divine; the power of life in death, the power of belief. The power to look steadily at the counterimage, in order to see the truth.

Tomorrow in the conference we’ll talk about how we meet the shadow-sides of technology. Hopefully I’ll have more to say after that!

One of the participants at the Trigonos conference told us about TED. Seems very interesting.