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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

But every physical event has its spiritual counterpart. Inasmuch as the blood flowed from the wounds on Golgotha, a corresponding spiritual event was taking place. It came about at that moment that rays of light streamed for the first time from the earth into universal space, where there had formerly been none; so that we have to picture to ourselves rays of light, created at that moment, streaming out from the earth into space. The earth had grown darker and darker in the course of time, until the event of Golgotha. Then the blood flows and the earth begins to radiate!

Had some being in pre-Christian times been able to behold the earth clairvoyantly from a distant planet, he would have observed how the earth’s aura lost its radiance by degrees, being darkest at the time preceding the event of Golgotha, and how it then shone forth in new colours. The deed of Golgotha suffused the earth with astral light which by degrees will become etheric and then physical. For every being in the world is in process of evolution. The present sun was once a planet; and just as the old Saturn evolved into the Sun, so our Earth, now a planet, is evolving into a Sun. The first impetus towards becoming a Sun was given to our earth when the blood flowed from the wounds of the Redeemer on Golgotha. The earth then began to glow, first astrally and visible only to the seer; but in future ages the astral light will become physical light and the earth will be a luminous body —a Sun-body.
Rudolf Steiner, The Gospel of St John… (GA 112) Lecture XIII

The earth is the place of freedom. It is the far-off country, the place of losing & finding, of dying and becoming. The earth’s story and our story are inextricably linked. The earth needed to become dark so that we could get lost. We need the light to find our way back.