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Leading – crossing the threshold

Sunday, November 28th, 2010
I’m reading the executive summary of Theory-U which is proving very rewarding. What it’s connecting with for me is the whole idea of the Holy Spirit as the spirit of connection, and communion.In figure 2 on p 4, I think what he calls Ecosystem corresponds to the System of Group Relations.
Here’s a gem, which I found quoted on another website (looks pretty interesting itself, too).

Otto Scharmer points out, The Indo-European root of the word ‘lead’ and ‘leadership,’ *leith, means ‘to go forth,’ ‘to cross the threshold,’ or ‘to die.’”

Leading means constantly letting go, opening for what wants to come.

What’s normal?

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

We are astounded when relationships work – when trust deepens – when our fears are not realized. And we easily think that this is extraordinary. Actually this is normal; our joy at the miracle of trust and connectedness isn’t because they’re new, but because they’re our birthright.

It’s the element of the Holy Spirit – koinonia – community of life. Without this there would be no universe – no connection – right down to the level of the quarks and quasars. Matter is quietly getting on with being connected, networked, joined up; it’s only our determination to be isolated that stops us from joining in.