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Monday, March 15th, 2010

It struck me that it would be good to get my thoughts about this in one place, otherwise they’re scattered through 100 emails. So this is a bit bitty – all my thoughts about what would be needed in trainings in the spirit of Anthroposophy in the 21st century.

  • Leadership emerging from self-leadership is at centre, because this is the way to work to our purpose. So it all begins with finding purpose, which gives rise to the need to become effective.
    Deborah’s work on “Becoming a Self” could be a way in to this.
    Use Knowledge of Higher Worlds and group dynamics as tools for self-observation
    working to purpose of taking up tasks in world

    At a later stage: organizational theory. Fieldwork.
  • Anthroposophy is brought in a spirit of inquiry as to how best understand the world in order to work to my purpose. Ie if I want to lead, it works better if I understand 3fold dynamic of social life etc.
    The test is its usefulness in working to purpose – not reductive, because my purpose is holistic
  • The specific content of each course.
  • Could we work like the dutch medical training where course goals were articulated and students were left to develop own agency in fulfilling them? Stringent assessment, everything described and documented (no mystical criteria).
    Adult learning starts with finding purpose. We must tell the students ours, so they know what system they’re in. Very important to describe criteria that we will use for assessing their progress.
    Then space for them to reflect on their purpose, set out aims for their learning journey.

    Module 1: becoming a self, artistic exploration, evolution of consciousness (you can’t be a self if you don’t know where you’ve come from) – not as intellectual fodder but for self-understanding.
    Constant reformulation of personal purpose. Introduce PoF, Knowldge of Higher… as *resources* available. Resources: journalling, conversation, biog work.

    Module 2: leadership. This includes a transformed BME type experience. Group work and guided group reflection. Self-leadership including Getting Things Done. Everything from module 1 serves this too – now it becomes clear we do 1 in order to give it away.

    If I had a free hand I’d do 1 intensively and exclusively for 4 weeks. Then introduce anthroposophical content relevant to whatever course it was. Anthroposophy takes people to a place of self-knowledge. 1 would be emphasis in 1st third of the course. Then in middle third introduce 2; in final third, 1 is in background, 2 is central. Anthroposophy all the time, plus the factual knowledge they need for training.