The plan of the world

Beautiful words from the first lecture of Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental lecture cycle on the spiritual hierarchies make me ponder in what way he means the plan of the world.

Spiritual beings had first those imaginations, inspirations, intuitions, those ideas and thoughts according to which the world, as we see it, was formed. Man finds these thoughts and ideas in the world again; when he rises to clairvoyant vision, he finds the imaginations, inspirations, and intuitions, by the help of which he can penetrate into the world of those spiritual beings. We can, therefore, say that before our world came into being there already existed the wisdom of which we are going to speak: it is the PLAN OF THE WORLD.
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It’s so hard to get our heads round the fact that the plan of the world does not exist as a blueprint determining everything; rather it is the final cause – the direction in which everything is moving. One of the best expressions of this is the film the Adjustment Bureau, where the Angels carry the plans of each individual’s destiny, and have to see how the plans are constantly branching and bifurcated. Nevertheless they are sure that a major rewrite of the plan will be impossible. Only the love of two human beings can bring this about. Thus the film is a comedy, not a tragedy: life proves to be greater than fate. 

2 Responses to “The plan of the world”

  1. Sebastian Parsons Says:

    What do you mean by “final cause”?

  2. admin Says:

    Aristotle had four causes, the final one being the end for which something is made. Our modern science can’t see future causality, only past. See