0lympics and Para|ympics

The 0lympics take experiences and images of initiation and transform them into physical achievements: trials, endurance, dedication, reaching the goal, the rewards, the adulation.
We can see this as a tragic distortion, or as an assertion of the archetype through all the hype.
The Para1ympics take things another step. Here we see the strange contrast of the overly physical athletic achievements with the bodies that are all in some way different from the norm. Now the soul-trials behind the physical ones become clearer. The Paralympics redeem the whole Olympic experience and point if back towards humanity.

One Response to “0lympics and Para|ympics”

  1. Shirley Johnson Says:

    Personally, I find the Olympics and Paralympics inspiring on a very deep level. At the end of the day, it is not about how many medals someone or some country has won. In Canada, these athletes receive very little money to train and must hold down regular jobs to support themselves, unlike some other countries. It takes years and years of sacrifice, on the part of the athletes and their parents to be good enough to reach the national level and be considered to represent Canada. Considering USA, for example, is 10x our population, our medal count is quite respectable. The athletes may exhibit a natural ability as children, but it is dedication and training, often early in the morning before work or school, or after hours. Ultimately, they have to make a commitment, not for the sake of their country, but for the sake of their own self-development. It’s about pushing yourself to the limits, and overcoming obstacles.