Bread and Wine in John’s gospel

I’ve always wondered why John, the most spiritual gospel, doesn’t have the words of institution at the last supper. I’ve heard interesting theories about this. Yesterday it impinged on me for the first time that there is a sharing of bread and wine with one person: Judas, with whom Jesus shares the ‘sop’. This feels like a window onto the profoundest mystery.

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3 Responses to “Bread and Wine in John’s gospel”

  1. Christopher Hudson Says:

    No actual words of institution,but a sort of verbal eucharist in the “He who eats my bread treads on me with his feet” and ” I am the true vine” and all the verses concerning the vine,perhaps. I agree with you that your line of thought is very searching.

  2. Gertraud Maria Ekama Says:

    Isnt it connected with the fact that he had the most intimate connection with Christ and lived this communion and speaks out of this communion?

  3. Kevin Street Says:

    The ultimate sin, the ultimate evil, is to deny God – and all that flows from God. We cut ourselves off from the life source when we do so. Judas’ deed is often seen as the epitome of this, as he takes on the task of an actual betrayal in real time. As such he has been accused of much over the ages. However, that he ‘shares the sop’ is surely the sign that even such a deed (that certainly results in Judas’ suicide) as this is not beyond redemption – and that whilst we can daily ‘crucify Christ’, we are ever and again given the chance to place ourselves back into the divine stream of creative love.