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Spiritual Background to Organisational Life

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

I have revised this paper that I first wrote about five years ago, which sets out some thoughts on the work of the Hiearchies in organisational life. Here’s a taster, from the conclusion:

The Holy Spirit, working through my Angel, beckons me to choose life, development and self-giving love instead of stasis, decline and selfishness. He does this by reminding me that everything that I encounter is the reality that I have chosen to co-create. And that the ‘I’ that I truly am has been shaped and endowed by the Logos through many cycles of time to arrive at this point of wondrous privilege and potential: the point at which it is given into my hands to decide how I choose to see reality around me, and what I choose to co-create in the future.

Creation is an overflow of the divine love, endlessly abundant and generous. Its purpose is to beckon creatures to increase the glory by attaining the power to create by exercising their choice to love. By creating organisations, we are not only making optimal places for human creativity to unfold. We may channel the forces of the Logos to create new worlds.

I was prompted to write the paper by the interest of some of those involved in the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis. I am delighted to hear that their MA programme will be starting soon. I benefited greatly from two short courses organised by the Grubb Institute which I attended, and which flowed into the paper.