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The love of God

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Adam Kahane builds on Tillich’s work on Power and Love as two fundamental drives in the human being. Power is defined as the drive to self-realisation; love as the drive to harmony, allowing others to fulfill themselves. Each has a generate and degenerate side; power without love degenerates into tyranny; love without ¬†power degenerates into anaemic sentimentality.

What has all this to do with the reality that God is love? That love is the fundamental driving force in the universe, from which all other forces are derived?

God’s drive to self-realisation, if we can be so anthropomorphic, is his deed of creation. His creation is the ultimate possibility for others to realise themselves. So God’s love is never divided in the way that our drives are. We can however see God’s love through the prism of our divided selves, which means that we will project onto him our fantasies of power, and experience his love as wrath; or our fantasies of regression to paradise, in which case we will imagine that he can square the circle of creating a world of creaturely freedom in which the free choices of creatures don’t mean anything.