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Working with the angels

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

In my discussion group at the New Lanark Communiities Conference I tested a hypothesis that we could get in touch with the Third Hierarchy through three questions:

    How am I? Leading onto the question of my life’s purpose, as revealed by Stephen Covey’s funeral visualisation exercise, and the question what would make me truly happy.
    How are we? In whatever level of ‘we’ one chooses – in the group, in the Conference, in the UK.
    How is the world? What are the challenges we’re struggling with as present-day humanity?

Working with a mixed ability group made this easier, as the people with learning difficulties are often better at speaking directly from their experience here and now, even if sometimes their comments needed a bit of interpretation.
It worked quite well, for a first attempt. Interestingly the final question led quite naturally to the further question of what we could do. Spontaneously the group wanted to sing ‘Deep peace…’
I am interested in how to find the questions beneath the questions. It’s so easy to recoil in horror from world events, and to get numbed. Also easy to go through a pattern of What can I do? Realistically, nothing – feel guilty about that, so feel nothing. Thinking with the Archangels and Archai allows me to check whether my personal purpose is in line with the world’s purpose, and so feel I am contributing.