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Folk spirits and love

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

We have already begun to describe in our preceding studies what we might call the tissue, the network of love; and this web of love must be so woven, that the principal threads are woven into it by the normal Spirits of Form, that being their fundamental mission. Then the abnormal Spirits of Form, who are in reality Spirits of Motion, weave into it that which produces the races. Then the normal and abnormal Spirits of the Age weave into it the historical evolution, and the Archangels, both of normal and abnormal evolution, the several peoples and languages; and lastly those Beings who put man into his right place on the earth, the Angels, also co-operate in the weaving. In this way is spun this mighty fabric of Love.

From The Mission of the Folk-Souls, Lecture 5

This is a liberating lecture-cycle! It has the power to liberate us from thinking that we have to choose between being nationalistic and being world-citizens. We can learn to acknowledge how much of our being is given to us by our belonging to a particular ‘folk’, and yet to see that the fulfilment of the folk-spirits lies in their cooperating together to create a future humanity.