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Weekly Review in GTD

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Why is the weekly review so frightening? I know people who can’t bear to implement a full GTD system because of what the weekly review represents for them.

It’s frightening because it’s time out of life – resisting the pressure of events that carry us through the day.

More important, it’s a confrontation with promises I’ve made myself. If I my GTD system is watertight, then every initiative will have been noted as project. Every next action step will be in there. In the weekly review, I see my promises, and am confronted with what I’ve done with them. Why does this project have no next action? Maybe I didn’t really mean it, that I wanted that to happen. Why has this N.A. been on my list for 3 months? Is it not actually a single action but a multi-step project?Recently, I’ve started trying to integrate higher horizons. I haven’t even started on that audit yet – but I can feel it coming: why does this area of focus not have any projects… Why does this goal not have an area of focus?

Basically, the weekly review brings me into connection with my intentions. Writing a lovely purpose-statement can be just that – lovely. Noting things down on lists can just be displacement activity. Getting everything connected and being honest about my intentions means meeting myself. Just like the Guardian of the Threshold says: until I take responsibility for what I am, he will seem a monster. I suppose I’ll stop feeling frightened of the weekly review when I’m prepared to take full responsibility for every commitment I make to myself and to others. The moment when one has finished the Review always feels a bit like that.


Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Yet my Threshold is fashioned out of all the timidity that remains in thee, out of all the dread of the strength needed to take full responsibility for all thy thoughts and actions. As long as there remains in thee a trace of fear of becoming thyself the guide of thine own destiny, just so long will this Threshold lack what still remains to be built into it. And as long as a single stone is found missing, just so long must thou remain standing as though transfixed; or else stumble. Seek not, then, to cross this Threshold until thou dost feel thyself entirely free from fear and ready for the highest responsibility. Hitherto I only emerged from thy personality when death recalled thee from an earthly life; but even then my form was veiled from thee. Only the powers of destiny who watched over thee beheld me and could thus, in the intervals between death and a new birth, build in thee, in accordance with my appearance, that power and capacity thanks to which thou couldst labor in a new earth life at the beautifying of my form, for thy welfare and progress. It was I, too, whose imperfection ever and again constrained the powers of destiny to lead thee back to a new incarnation upon earth. I was present at the hour of thy death, and it was on my account that the Lords of Karma ordained thy reincarnation. And it is only by thus unconsciously transforming me to complete perfection in ever recurring earthly lives that thou couldst have escaped the powers of death and passed over into immortality united with me.

I find it simply amazing that this is what the Guardian wants to tell us – nothing more and nothing less than that we will be able to advance once we take full responsibility for ourselves. I am reminded of a wise man telling us of his amazement at his capacity to find the person, the family, the organisation, or the world that was responsible for his experience of reality being how it was; and his even deeper wonder at the liberation that comes when he manages to realise that he and only he is responsible for his experience of reality.