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Arius and Athanasius

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I was in a study group with Martin Samson about Arius and Athanasius. I brought Athanasius’ argument from experience against the semi-Arians in the 350s, that when we worship Jesus Christ in the liturgy we experience that we are in connection with God, the ground of being; and that we know that it is forbidden to worship anything created. I represented the ban on idolatry as pretty normative, which I think I would stick by. Martin has been in touch to query my stand on this, and will comment on this post.

Just looking at it in itself: even if the Word that incarnates is the the ‘created Logos’, the cosmic Christ – (as is implied in so many statements by Steiner on the identity of Christ with the Elohim = Exousiai, ie beings of the hierarchies) – nevertheless he is a vessel for the uncreated Logos, the Son. Compare this with the experience of the second sentence of the 2nd part of the Trinity Epistle, with the word “as”. So we don’t worship a creature, we worship through him. I wonder if the concepts developed in the disputes on the worship of icons in the Eastern churches would be helpful here. Is the created Logos ultimately an icon of the Son? Does this open the door for a veneration of creation that is not idolatrous, because creation itself is icon?